Never once did I think
Never did I close my eyes shut, just for a moment.
Never had I drawn breath, brushed hands, or lips.
Never did I feel

The Sun, its fire on my skin
The river and its water cold and alive around my body

Never did I see a something, that to me had no name, forests so tall and old they had memory.

Never had I dreamed us all so far out of existence
Safe from these acts of hurt
Never did I find someone to help find myself

Never again did any of us love or remember loving like that again, Through the eyes of innocence, unabridged by red and salty tears of adulthood
Never again were any of us lost again after we were found, plucked from the sky like stars to become pebbles on the ground.

Never again could we find that land of gentle youth where for so long, we happily hid

Benjamin L. Quinlan

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